Harbor Group’s Optimized Market Communications is based on insight that enables clients to leverage the “new physics” of influence communications. Companies today must master these new physics because they determine the speed and efficiency with which businesses, brands and products are embraced by the market.

With new realities in creating and sustaining influence, old communications approaches too often are unable to efficiently or effectively catapult products, brands or businesses into positions of leadership.

The standard communications rulebook has to be thrown out because the game has forever changed. The challenge for companies today is to unleash the power and speed generated from focused, optimized communications.

Harbor Group’s Optimized Market Communications produces three key benefits for clients:

  • Acceleration: Produces faster and more effective client business results through communications that are smarter, optimally designed and more compelling
  • Insight: Uncovers the deepest insights into markets – – focusing on who and what influences, drives or speeds them
  • Impact: Delivers rapid and precise client communications execution that creates esteem, motivates behaviors and generates support in strategic places throughout client value chains.

OMD allows Harbor Group clients to attack their value chains in a “media neutral” manner, assigning the right creative tool and approach – – from publicity to direct communications, collateral, advertising or influencer communications – – to each audience based on the specific objective. The result is that Harbor Group is able to accelerate business results and optimize the expenditure of client dollar resources at efficiency levels that deliver real competitive advantage.