How To Accelerate The Creation Of Corporate and Product Brands That Passionately “Stick” To Consumers and Trade… And Help Them Sell –

Harbor Group knows that it’s too competitive and too expensive for businesses today to wait for their corporate and product brand reputations to organically evolve into positions of trust and affection with consumers, influentials and throughout the value chain. Brands need help in becoming beloved and firmly embedded in the hearts and minds of their stakeholders.

Harbor Group makes brands come alive – – speeding their ability to quickly become passionately embraced by their targets and all those who come into contact with them.

Harbor Group’s “accelerated super-glue brand-building approach” delivers two key benefits here. First, we infuse a brand with a persona and image that attracts and holds consumers and others in a powerful embrace – – in a fundamental, emotional way connecting the brand inextricably to the heart of consumers/end users through their values, beliefs, needs and wants.

Second, we extend that embrace so that the brand becomes preferred among key parts of the value chain – – creating a powerful and consistent link from the brand, through the distribution chain to the end user/consumer.

To accelerate a brand’s cachet and achieve this bond require going beyond mere assertion. Harbor Group brings client brands alive and actually demonstrates their allure through leveraging the three key factors:

O Creatively expressing the brand’s alluring values;

O Identifying inextricable associations between the brand and examples of these values; and

O Finding compelling contexts for bringing brand demonstrations alive.

Harbor Group accelerates the gluing of the brand to the consumer by marshalling the optimal package of sophisticated communications including:

O word-of-mouth, buzz
O use by influencers/ role modeling
O internet, social networks
O affinity group communications
O direct communications (mail, advertising, net) O publicity
O in-store, retail based communications
O branded entertainment communications.