Mike Ricciuto (Global Communications Director)

Agriculture and Nutrition

I enjoyed working with you guys. It is good talking to people in an agency who are smart, experienced and know how to do great work. Those are rare sets of talents.

Dan Tishman (Chairman)

Tishman Construction Company

Harbor Group’s principals helped Tishman Construction get to the core of its distinct marketplace advantage and create a powerful position and brand behind it. First rate, highly professional job.

Jeffrey Adwar (President)

Overnight (Nation’s second largest supplier of jewelry to retailers)

HGC is a communications consultancy of experienced, savvy people who understand how our market works. They have pointed insight both into the key issues and true drivers of influence in complicated, competitive environments. Harbor Group is able to reveal, then activate, these hidden levers of communications success. This in turn enabled us to literally unleash the pent-up power of our reputation. At the end of the day, they accelerated our business success and increased our ability to use communications resources efficiently.

Chris Phillips (Chief Marketing Officer)

Tishman Construction Company

HGC is not your typical agency. Their people aren’t inhibited by tradition or bound by convention. They are the most tenacious communications allies and advisors a client could have. Action, passion, smarts and value are the hallmarks of our experience with them.

Nicholas W. Allard (President and Joseph Crea Dean, and Professor of Law )

Brooklyn Law School

I have worked with Harbor Group for many years. In over three decades of private sector work, running the public policy practice at leading law firms, and more recently leading one of the largest, most successfully innovative law schools in the world, I have never worked with any public relations and media professionals more talented, effective and dedicated to client needs than this firm. Harbor Group was instrumental in clearly articulating distinct and competitively- advantaged messages around several of BLS’s most recent initiatives. Additionally, they captured the interest of the nation’s leadership press. This has resulted in an ongoing stream of feature coverage that has positioned BLS most positively and at the center of some of the most progressive advances in today’s higher education arena. They are true advisors who have helped us quickly advance the interests of our institution.

Elliot Kracko (former Chairman and CEO)

Gamma Curtainwall

Tony and Mark have been value-added advisors to our business for more than seven years and have been responsible for our industry-leading marketing. During this time, they helped define a competitively-advantaged position and message that supported our 300% expansion and helped drive us to a top five ranking within North America. In a crowded market, they uncovered and communicated our distinctly defined advantages and secured ongoing leadership coverage throughout the industry press. They also now are immersed in a number of my other important business enterprises.